Seminar on the new book "Advanced Composite Materials High Temperature Thermal Equipment" was held in ACME


On May 29, the "Composite Materials Xiaoxiang Forum" - "Advanced Composite Materials High Temperature Thermal Equipment" new book seminar organized by Hunan New Materials Industry Association and Changsha Composite Materials Society was held in ACME. More than 20 well-known professors and experts from the National Defense University of Science and Technology, Central South University, Hunan University and other universities and enterprises in the field of materials in Hunan participated in the discussion. The meeting was chaired by Wang Siqing, Secretary General of Changsha Composite Materials Society.

Seminar on the new book High Temperature Thermal Equipment for Advanced Composite Materials (3)

"High temperature thermal equipment for advanced composite materials" is edited by Dr. Dai Yu, chairman of Changsha Composite Materials Society and chairman of Hunan ACME. The new book mainly introduces ceramic matrix composite materials, carbon/carbon composite materials, metal matrix composite materials and other high temperature materials. The performance characteristics, functional uses, preparation technology of inorganic composite materials, as well as the main components of key high-temperature thermal equipment for preparation, as well as the basic theory of design and manufacture, and numerical simulation methods.


Dr. Dai Yu introduced the process of presiding over the compilation of the new book. He said, "One generation of equipment, one generation of materials, and one generation of industry", the development of modern high technology is inseparable from high-performance composite materials, and the development of high-performance composite materials requires the protection of advanced equipment . The new book combines the innovation and accumulated experience of ACME in the field of thermal equipment for more than ten years in the design, manufacture and service of customers, and condenses the sweat and wisdom of thermal equipment practitioners. This time, resources will be open and shared. It aims to provide reference for thermal equipment designers, industry researchers, college teachers and students, accelerate the iterative improvement of processes and equipment, and jointly promote the rapid development of the composite material industry.

Hu Xianglong, Deputy General Manager of ACME

Hu Xianglong, deputy general manager of ACME, reported on the "Research Progress of Special Thermal Equipment for Composite Materials", on the development progress and technological innovation of chemical vapor deposition equipment, high temperature graphitization purification equipment, high temperature and high pressure special thermal equipment and other equipment for composite material preparation. , application examples, etc. were reported in detail.

Seminar on the new book High Temperature Thermal Equipment for Advanced Composite Materials (2)

At the seminar, the participating experts provided professional and valuable suggestions and references on the optimization of the new book's title, directory structure, content adjustment, language specification, typesetting specification, readability, and the integration of paper and digital media, for the follow-up revision of the new book. Broaden the mind and point out the direction.

Professor Xiao Jiayu, former deputy dean of the School of Aerospace and Materials Engineering, National Defense University of Science and Technology, highly appreciated the significance of the topic of this book. He pointed out that this book has important guiding significance for the design and manufacture of high-temperature thermal equipment for the preparation of advanced composite materials. High academic and practical value.

Xi Xiaoming, Secretary-General of Hunan New Materials Industry Association, concluded in his speech that the preparation technology and equipment of materials are the key to the development of advanced materials. It is of great significance to develop and assist the implementation of the "three highs and four new" strategies in our province.

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