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ACME series advanced ceramic equipment

December 09,2022

1、 What is advanced ceramics

Definition of Advanced Ceramics

Traditional ceramics take natural minerals as raw materials, mainly natural silicate minerals.

Advanced ceramics are made of high-purity, ultra-fine synthetic or selected inorganic compounds, with precise chemical composition, precise manufacturing and processing technology, structural design, and excellent characteristics.

Characteristics of advanced ceramics

It has a series of excellent properties such as high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, conductivity, insulation, magnetism, light transmission, piezoelectricity, ferroelectricity and biocompatibility.

Advanced Ceramic Applications

It is widely used in national defense, chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, machinery, aviation, aerospace, biomedicine and other fields.

Classification of advanced ceramics

Advanced ceramics are divided into functional ceramics and structural ceramics according to their properties and uses


Production process of advanced ceramics

The production process of advanced ceramics includes powder preparation, green body forming, green body sintering, finishing, etc. Sintering technology plays a vital role in the production process of advanced ceramics.

2、 Sintering technology

Advanced ceramic sintering process

There are a lot of bubbles in the green body → advanced ceramic green body → high temperature heating → migration of green body particles → shrinkage of the green body → grain growth → elimination of pores → sintering completion

Factors affecting sintering of advanced ceramics

●Powder particle size

●Function of admixtures

●Sintering temperature and time

●Sintering atmosphere

●Forming pressure

3、 Advanced ceramic sintering equipment

Hot pressing sintering furnace

Parts used in SiC/C , Si3N4/B4C ceramics and other materials are net near forming, densification, and the maximum sintering temperature can reach 2500 ℃. Such as: aircraft landing iron copper based powder material brake disc, EMU brake shoe, bulletproof clothing, armor car shield, helicopter bulletproof armor, etc.

400T Hot pressing sintering furnace

Features of ACME hot pressing sintering furnace

●The integrated machine structure of the press and the hot chamber, a professional furnace type with single head (unidirectional pressurization at the top and bottom, bearing force at the bottom), multiple heads (unidirectional multiple heads at the top, such as three or four unidirectional heads), double heads (two-way opposite pressure), automatic front door or double door, horizontal horizontal charging, and compact layout.

●The professional dynamic sealing structure (ACME patent) ensures that the pressure transmission rod of the equipment can be used for a long time without leakage during effective displacement.

Gas pressure sintering furnace

It is used for vacuum sintering and pressure sintering of silicon carbide, silicon nitride and other ceramic products.

Vacuum degreasing pressure sintering furnace

Features of ACME pressureless sintering furnace

●The air pressure sintering furnace adopts special furnace liner structure and heater arrangement, and the furnace temperature is uniform.

●The special structure degreasing box is adopted, with good sealing effect, complete degreasing and no pollution to the elements in the furnace.

●With vacuum sintering, pressure sintering, vacuum degreasing sintering and other functions.

Non pressure sintering furnace

It is used for reaction sintering, non pressure sintering, recrystallization sintering, hot isostatic pressing sintering of SiC ceramic products, and also for sintering of silicon nitride and other ceramic products.

SiC SiN sintering furnace

Features of ACME pressureless sintering furnace

●The pressureless sintering furnace adopts resistance heating, with temperature zone compensation or multi zone temperature control, and the temperature uniformity is good.

●With ACME exclusive ultra-high temperature and high current power introduction technology, it can be used stably for a long time at 2400 ℃.

●The special high temperature infrared measurement technology is used to control the temperature accurately with small error.

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