Changsha Evening News | Changsha's new alloy industry chain provides high-quality "industrial grain" for Changsha's industrial development


This year, Changsha's new alloy (including 3D printing) industry chain has laid out 39 key projects, with a total investment of over 12 billion yuan

Provide high-quality "industrial grain" for Changsha's industrial development (implement the strategy of "strong provincial capital" to promote high-quality development)

"In the past, it was 'a generation of equipment, a generation of materials', but now it is 'a generation of materials, a generation of equipment'." This sentence is a true portrayal of the development of the new material industry chain. In the past, equipment manufacturing was used to drive the material market; however, the advent of a new material today is likely to redefine equipment manufacturing and trigger a revolution in the field of equipment manufacturing. Therefore, new materials are known as industrial "food" and the cornerstone of scientific and technological progress.

At present, with the rapid development of a new generation of information technology and the accelerated deployment of the "dual carbon" goal, the new material industry, as a leading force in scientific and technological development, leads industrial and technological innovation, and its role in economic development is accelerating from basic, Support to subversive, leading change. The reporter recently visited a number of representative companies in the new alloy (including 3D printing) industry chain.

The "chain master" enterprise is indomitable

In the powder development workshop of Dingli Technology, He Ligao, a pulverizing experimenter, is squatting beside the furnace, carefully observing the temperature changes in the furnace. "Generally, it takes about 4 days to make a batch of powder products through multiple processes such as powderization, high-temperature atomization, condensation molding, inspection and testing, etc." He Ligao said that the continuous debugging of powder product formulations is the key to The key to developing new materials.

Due to the fact that Changsha's high-end manufacturing industry started not too early, Changsha's enterprises have always been in a "follow-up" trend in the research and development of new materials. "When I first entered the industry, a sealing rubber ring made me study for more than half a year." Tan Xinglong, one of the founders of Dingli Technology and head of the new material business department, told reporters that no matter how researched and developed, the quality of domestic sealing rubber rings could never reach the imported ones. product standard. In order to study the mystery of the imported sealing rubber ring, Tan Xinglong clenched his teeth and locked himself in the laboratory.

By chance, after burning the imported sealing rubber ring, the remaining metal powder caught Tan Xinglong's attention. "Perhaps the quality of the product is hidden in this black powder." While finding the secret of imported rubber rings, Tan Xinglong and Dingli Technology also found the secret of developing high-end new materials. Up to now, Dingli Technology has been in danger many times and has developed a variety of new materials with huge technical difficulties.

With the accelerated deployment of the "dual carbon" goal, the advantages of CITIC Dicastal in aluminum products have been further magnified. "As far as the production process is concerned, the low melting point of aluminum products can save more fuel." Wu Youbing, director of CITIC Dicastal Southern Intelligent Manufacturing Base, said that in the use process, the low-density and high-strength properties of aluminum products can be further improved. Replacing steel and applying it in the field of new energy vehicles to reduce energy consumption.

"Hunan, as the hometown of non-ferrous metals, has huge development potential in the field of new materials represented by aluminum products." Wu Youbing introduced that in the future, CITIC Dicastal will further build its southern manufacturing base in Changsha into Hunan and radiate The main production base in the central, southern, eastern and other places.

A number of industry enterprises have entered the first echelon in China

The global share of Shengtong Aluminum Foil is nearly 40%, the global share of CITIC Dicastal Wheels exceeds 30%, and the national share of Heijinggang and Taijia shares exceeds 30%... Mention Changsha's new alloy industry chain enterprises, which are world-renowned There are quite a few.

In recent years, Changsha's new alloy industry chain has maintained a good development trend. According to statistics, there are more than 70 large-scale key industrial enterprises on the chain. This year, a total of 39 key projects have been laid out in the industrial chain, with a total investment of over 12 billion yuan; a total of 7 projects were introduced in the first quarter, with a total investment of 2.7 billion yuan.

In the upstream of the industrial chain, enterprises represented by Jinlong International Copper, Xiangtou Jintian Titanium, and Boyun Oriental can achieve self-sufficiency in the raw material port; in the middle of the industrial chain, companies such as CITIC Dicastal and Taijia Co., Ltd. Through the intensive processing of related materials, it supports the new growth pole of Changsha's new material industry; in the downstream of the industrial chain, the vigorous development of related industries such as construction machinery, rail transit, aerospace, automobile industry, biomedicine, etc., expands the new material industry Application scenarios provide a broad stage.

Taking Boyun Dongfang as an example, the grain size of the ultra-coarse-grained cemented carbide WC developed by it is greater than 9μm, and its performance has reached the international advanced level, becoming the leader in mining alloy products. With the accelerated implementation of the company's industrialization project in Lugu Base, the annual output of 20 million tons of high-quality cemented carbide will become an important part of the "Strong Chain" strategy of Changsha Construction Machinery.

Taijia Co., Ltd., located in Wangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, made steady progress along the established three-curve development strategy of "saw cutting + consumer electronics + industrial investment" in the first quarter of this year. On the basis of continuing to consolidate the competitive advantages of the sawing business, it will also accelerate the incubation and growth of the second main business consumer electronics business. According to the first quarterly report released by the company, Taijia has continuously increased its investment in consumer electronics business, and its research and development expenses have increased by 73% year-on-year.

Replenishing the chain and strengthening the chain is still a top priority

The new material industry is a basic industry and a leading industry supporting the development of high-end manufacturing, a key link to ensure the independent and controllable supply of the industrial chain, and a key area of high-tech competition. At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is on the rise. Human beings will enter the era of intelligence, which puts forward higher requirements and urgent needs for advanced materials, and also breeds huge potential. It has increasingly become the focus of technological and industrial competition.

How will Changsha's new alloy industry develop in the future?

Zhang Min, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, and director of the city's new alloy (including 3D printing) industrial chain, said that it is necessary to analyze and study the development of the industrial chain, understand its own advantages, identify shortcomings, and work hard to supplement and strengthen the chain; It is necessary to promote the development and growth of the industrial chain in a targeted manner, clarify the development goals, expand the scope of investment promotion, strengthen technical research and project research, optimize services such as land use, electricity consumption, and talents, enhance information exchange, and promote the close cooperation and coordinated development of enterprises in the industrial chain.

"By strengthening the school-enterprise cooperation in the new material industry, using the intellectual resources of colleges and universities, sorting out the context of industrial development, and integrating the synergy of industrial development." Tan Xinglong said that for the development of the new material industry, Changsha has abundant and high-quality college resources, which can be carried out in the form of scientific research projects. , to sort out the new material industry in Changsha, and announce the current status of industrial development in the form of an industry white paper, so that enterprises in various industries can better identify their corporate positioning and development direction and avoid homogeneous competition.

Regarding how to speed up the implementation of advanced technologies, Zeng Wei, Manager of the Metal Products Division of Farsoon High-Tech, said: "The number of 'printing shops' can be appropriately increased." The demand for metal 3D printing technology in the industry is increasing day by day, but in terms of the current status of the industry chain , If metal 3D printing technology is to be industrialized, it is very important for companies that provide metal 3D printing services as their main business. It can accelerate the popularization of advanced technology.”

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