One Article to Understand Vacuum Oil Quenching Furnace


What is oil quenching?

Oil quenching consists in heating the steel above the critical temperature Ac3 or Ac1, after soaking for a certain period of time, the workpiece is quickly placed in oil, and the process of cooling to room temperature is called oil quenching.

Quenching temperature range of steel

Oil quenching is the most common quenching process and plays a very important role in the heat treatment of steel, the cooling rate of oil quenching is between gas quenching and water quenching. For some alloy steel parts, oil quenching can provide higher hardness at hardening.

Vacuum Oil Quenching Furnace

What is air cooling? What is the difference with oil quenching?

Definition: After vacuum heating is completed, it is transferred to a cooling chamber where the air is cooled until it cools down to room temperature.

Features: 1. It is suitable for materials with low critical martensite cooling rate, such as high speed steel, high carbon and high chromium steel.

2.It is suitable for complex-shaped small parts, not easy to deform and split.

Differences: 1. Air cooling can be used separately. During the oil quenching process, the oil surface must be inflated to suppress the oil surface, so as to reduce the concentration of oil mist (combustible gas) in the air-cooled room and improve the oil quenching effect.

2. The internal stress in the air-cooled workpiece is small, the hardness is slightly lower, but the deformation is small.

3. Air cooling and oil quenching are complementary, one vacuum oil quenching is less, and inert gas must be introduced to improve the cooling capacity of vacuum quenching oil.

oil hardening furnace,heat treatment furnace

ACME Vacuum Oil Hardening Furnace

Specifications of ACME Vacuum Oil Hardening Furnace

1. The furnace body is a horizontal double chamber structure, and the overall layout is compact, reasonable and beautiful;

2.Octagonal furnace hearth structure, good furnace temperature uniformity;

3. The heating element adopts unique support technology without ceramic parts, and it can be used for a long time for 5 years without worrying about the problem of insulation deterioration;

4. Built-in high-efficiency red copper heat exchanger and forced air circulation cooling method, multiple air-cooled nozzles on both sides of the workpiece, the atomized gas is uniform, the flow rate is large, and the cooling rate is fast. ;

5. The quenching furnace has a large load capacity, and the hot oil is cooled by external circulation of the hot oil pump and heat exchanger, and the quenching oil temperature is better;

6.Double choice of oil stirring and oil jet cooling using different types of parts,

7.Small workpiece deformation;

8. The heating element is made of SGL isostatic graphite, which has high strength, uniform resistance and long service life;

9. Composite insulating layer is composed of hard graphite felt and soft graphite felt and fixed with CFC bolts, which have stable structure, good thermal insulation performance and long service life;

10. The interior material trolley and the thermal insulation door are driven by a frequency conversion motor in a smooth "slow-fast-slow" rhythm.

Advantages of ACME Vacuum Oil Hardening Furnace

1. The specially designed thermal field structure has no ceramic insulating parts, is not afraid of oil vapor, and has no deterioration in insulating performance after 5 years of long-term use;

2. The water-cooled electrode is of special design, combined cone surface, large contact area and no discharge 3. Octagonal structure, the heating chamber is modular design, no maintenance required. pull out the oven for replacement, which is convenient and fast;

4. The loading trolley in the furnace adopts the overall structure of triple rails, which runs smoothly and never overturns, the loading trolley is driven by double chains, stable and fast, and has a manual turning function that can be manually operated. in case of power failure.;

5. Cooling: not only intensive mixing and cooling can be selected, but also cooling of the nozzle, and the cooling method can be selected twice, and the quenching oil is cooled by an external circulation heat exchanger, which can speed up the cooling speed;

6. Dual-mode control system (computer + simulation screen) with high reliability;

7. Dual mode control system (computer + simulation screen) with high reliability.

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