Innovation and hard work, the whole industry chain of metal 3D printing


Many industrial enterprises are not well-known to the public because they do not face consumers directly, but they are already veritable "hidden champions" in the fields they have been working on for many years.

Dr. Dai Yu, Chairman of ACME, said in an interview at the "Second China (Changsha) Powder Metallurgy Technology and Application Forum", "Each company has its own market positioning and market concept. Products, there is no threshold, and more competition at low prices, so we chose the segmented market of aerospace and military industry, which requires companies to have strong competitiveness, talents, good products and good ideas. Although in these fields It is difficult to scale up, but ACME hopes to be an invisible champion in an industry." As Dr. Dai Yu said, nowadays, the development of a certain economic field in society is mainly driven by some obscure companies, and these companies occupy It is precisely these invisible champions who are highly focused on a certain segment of the market and are good at creating unique products that can firmly occupy a high market share.

Dr. Dai Yu, chairman of ACME, also said that independent innovation is the key to the development of an enterprise. Dai Yu has his own unique understanding of innovation. "Innovation is easier said than done. In fact, for an enterprise, innovation includes technological innovation, management innovation, market innovation, talent innovation, and business model innovation." Dai Yu said that for an enterprise, the most important It is talent innovation. By capturing core talents, a series of innovative technology innovations, especially business model innovations, are carried out.

Dai Yu introduced that ACME attaches great importance to talent innovation, and continuously maintains innovation momentum in the fields of product technology research and development by cultivating and introducing various high-level talents. Promote the development of talents through innovation, make employees have centripetal force for the enterprise, are willing to innovate, and want to innovate, and then can promote the development of the company and make the company have good benefits. This concept also makes the innovation of ACME effective.

"Our development philosophy is to be more refined, stronger and farther." Dai Yu said that Dingli does not pursue absolute scale, but relative scale and scale in small fields. This is also the secret of ACME becoming a domestic leader in the field of carbon-based thermal equipment.

At present, with the rapid rise and development of the domestic 3D printing industry, the "missing" of 3D printing materials, the most critical part of the industry, especially metal 3D printing materials, has become a shortcoming that restricts the development of the domestic 3D printing industry.

It is understood that domestic metal 3D printing powder is still mainly imported, and the price is very expensive. Relying on technological innovation, ACME has developed spherical nickel-based superalloy powder, spherical titanium powder, cobalt-chromium-molybdenum, aluminum, and iron-based alloy powder metal-based 3D printing materials.

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Spherical superalloy powder

"Spherical nickel-based superalloy powder, spherical titanium powder and other materials have the characteristics of sphericity and good fluidity, and are the preferred materials for metal-based 3D printing technology, mainly used in the manufacture of aerospace structural parts, load-bearing parts, and aero-engine superalloy turbines. Parts that are resistant to high temperature and erosion such as disks, thermal generator turbines, etc. in harsh environments." In Dr. Dai Yu's view, the development of the domestic metal 3D printing industry is relatively lagging behind, and the key lies in the stability of domestic materials in performance batches There is still a certain gap with foreign products in terms of quality, completeness of varieties and adaptability of technology.

"What we have to do is to improve the quality, reduce the comprehensive cost, and finally turn it into an inclusive product that can really be used in the industry, so that metal 3D printing has grown from a niche application to a The mass application market." Dingli is hoping to build a complete industrial chain in the field of metal 3D printing, and concentrate on making solid, refined, and truly good needs of users and the market. This is also the "standing dream" that Dr. Dai Yu has been fighting for.

3D printing production workshop site

3D printing production workshop site

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