ACMETechnology took the lead in formulating the industry standard of "High Purity Graphite Powder for Silicon Carbide Single Crystal"


On July 22-23, 2021, the annual meeting of the National Non-metallic Mineral Products and Products Standardization Technical Committee and the Non-metallic Mineral Industry Summit Forum with the theme of "green, innovation, quality, and development" were held in Guilin, Guangxi. ACMETechnology Participated in the meeting as a member of the flake graphite and amorphous graphite sub-technical committee of the non-mining standard committee and the lead formulation unit of the industry standard "High Purity Graphite Powder for Silicon Carbide Single Crystal".

At the graphite standard seminar held on July 23, the participating committee members and representatives conducted 5 national and industry standards such as "Flake Graphite", "Microcrystalline Graphite", "High Purity Graphite Powder for Silicon Carbide Single Crystal" and so on. In-depth discussions, among which the industry standard "High Purity Graphite Powder for Silicon Carbide Single Crystal" was jointly organized by Hunan ACMETechnology Co., Ltd., Chenzhou City Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, China Electronics Technology Group 46th Research Institute, Hunan University, Hunan Three It was formulated by An Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Southern Graphite Research Institute (Hunan) Co., Ltd., Jixi Hao City New Energy Materials Co., Ltd., Harbin Electric Carbon Factory and other relevant industry units. This standard is based on years of technical accumulation of ACMETechnology in the field of high-purity graphite purification, focusing on the high-purity graphite powder required for the preparation of the third-generation semiconductor material silicon carbide single crystal. The two main types of silicon carbide respectively list the technical index requirements for high-purity graphite powder, and propose the main test and detection methods. The formulation of this standard will fill the gap in the field, and is of great significance to lead and promote the development of high-purity graphite powder for third-generation semiconductor materials in my country.

High-purity carbon powder Silicon carbide single crystal

At this meeting, ACMETechnology also won the "2020 Advanced Unit for Standardization Work" issued by the National Non-metallic Mineral Products and Products Standardization Technical Committee. Only 10 units in the country have received this award.

2020 National Advanced Unit for Standardization of Non-metallic Mineral Products and Products

In recent years, ACMETechnology has attached great importance to the standardization work. In order to promote the implementation of the enterprise standardization strategy, the company has established a special standardization committee. The chairman of the board, Dr. Dai Yu, serves as the director of the committee. At present, standardization has been fully integrated into the company's product technology research and development. As of July 2021, the company has led and participated in the formulation and completion of 13 national and industry standards; 6 are in progress; the company's internal experts are responsible for 5 projects including powder metallurgy, flake graphite, microcrystalline graphite, vacuum technology, and heat treatment. Member of the National Standardization Technical Committee, the industry influence and status have been continuously improved.

"First-class enterprise manufacturing standards." In the future, ACMETechnology will continue to strengthen standardization work as an important means to enhance the technological innovation capability of enterprises, further improve the system and mechanism, actively create a "standardized good behavior enterprise", and promote the further development of the enterprise and occupy the commanding heights of the industry.

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