Orange continent BBS | "a new generation of semiconductor frontier technology round-table conference" was held successfully


  On the afternoon of March 3rd, a series of activities of Tangzhou Forum "New Generation Semiconductor Frontier Technology Roundtable" was successfully held in Yuelu Mountain University. The conference was co-sponsored by Changsha Integrated Circuit Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Yuelu Mountain University Technology City Management Committee, Changsha Semiconductor Technology and Application Innovation Research Institute and co-organized by  ACME 

Juzhou Forum Next Generation Semiconductor Frontier Technology Roundtable (1)

  Wang Xianmin, Director of High and New Technology Development and Industrialization Department of Hunan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Huang Ruihui, Director of Electronic Communication Industry Department of Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Luo Yuwu, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Yuelu Mountain University Science and Technology City and other leaders attended the meeting. Experts and entrepreneurs from CRRC Times Semiconductor, Hunan SAN 'an Semiconductor, China Electronics Technology 48 Institute, Chuwei Semiconductor, Hualei Optoelectronics, ACME and other enterprises attended the roundtable.

  Representatives of the meeting conducted in-depth exchanges on enterprise management, product research and development, industry development trends, the direction of cutting-edge technology, and the common problems of the current power semiconductor industry in our province, and many topics were warmly discussed among leaders, experts and other entrepreneurs at the meeting.

High purity carbon powder, high purity tantalum carbide coating, high purity silicon carbide coating, high purity graphite parts

  As the foundation of modern information technology industry, semiconductor industry has broad market prospects and is related to national strategy.

  Relying on the advantages of "the combination of material preparation technology and equipment preparation technology", ACME has made technological breakthroughs in high temperature purification of carbon-based materials for silicon carbide single crystal, uniform deposition of SiC/TaC coating, design and preparation of core equipment and other aspects through independent innovation. The product performance has reached the international advanced level, realizing the independent control and industrialization of key materials and equipment. It will promote the extension, reinforcement and strengthening of the semiconductor industry in our province, and help the high-quality development of the new generation of semiconductor material industry.

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