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 From August 19 to 20, the 13th National Heat Treatment Conference hosted by the Heat Treatment Branch of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and the 60th anniversary report of the establishment of the Heat treatment Society was held in Hefei, and more than 900 experts, scholars, representatives of entrepreneurs and technical personnel from universities, research institutes and enterprises across the country attended the meeting.

ACME participated in the 13th National Heat Treatment Conference and was awarded(5)

 At the dinner award ceremony on August 19, ACME won the "Excellent Group Member Unit Award" and Ma Weidong, deputy general manager of ACME, won the title of "Advanced Worker Award of Heat Treatment Society".

ACME participated in the 13th National Heat Treatment Conference and was awarded(2)

With the theme of "Green, low-carbon and intelligent", the conference focused on basic research, cutting-edge scientific research and promotion and application of new technologies and processes in the material industry and equipment manufacturing industry, and set up a total of 12 sub-forums. In the sub-forum of "Green Intelligent Heat Treatment Equipment and Technology", Ma Weidong, deputy general manager of ACME, made a special invited report entitled "Research on thermal equipment technology and application of Ultra-high and super-large vertical high pressure gas quenching furnace", which shared the main uses, technical advantages, structural characteristics and application cases of ultra-high and super-large vertical high pressure gas quenching furnace.

ACME participated in the 13th National Heat Treatment Conference and was awarded (4)

If the diameter of the effective heating area of the vertical vacuum quenching furnace is ≥Ø1.5 meters and the height is ≥3 meters, it is generally considered to be a super-high and super-large vertical vacuum quenching furnace. This kind of large-scale thermal equipment is mainly used for the vacuum heat treatment strengthening process of long cylinder thin-wall parts, tubular parts and slender rod parts made of high alloy special materials in aviation, aerospace, nuclear industry and other fields. Including vacuum high pressure gas quenching, vacuum solution, stress removal annealing, vacuum tempering, vacuum aging and other processes, but also applicable to other alloy steel materials, ultra-high strength steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, high temperature alloy, tool and die steel and high-speed steel and other materials heat treatment.

ACME participated in the 13th National Heat Treatment Conference and was awarded (1)

ACME adopts the exclusive multi-stage external circulation rapid cooling and heat exchange system design structure, and successfully solves a series of technical problems in the quenching process, such as cooling uniformity and quenching distortion control technology for long rods. The effective working area of the equipment reaches 6.5 meters, the temperature uniformity of the heating furnace is ±3 ° C, and the synchronous cooling speed of the effective zone is ±50 ° C/SEC, so that the ultra-high requirements of the hard index ensure the equality of the cooling speed of the upper, middle and lower parts of the slim rod to the greatest extent. The equipment adopts bottom charging structure design to ensure that there is no bump and scratch between the workpiece and the furnace wall, Thus there is no need to dig deep pit, saving construction and installation costs; At present, this kind of equipment has been successfully applied in China Aerospace Academy, China North Weapons Group, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Metal and other units.

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