ACME نے قومی کلیدی تحقیق اور ترقیاتی منصوبے "ٹھوس فضلہ کی ری سائیکلنگ" میں خصوصی شرکت کی


On February 28th, the National Key R&D Program "Multi-dimensional Performance Evaluation Research and Integrated Application of Solid Waste Recycling Technology" project led by the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was successfully held in Beijing. Zhong Ping, Director of China Agenda 21 Management Center, Zhai Jinliang, Director of the Science and Technology Development Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Guan Bing, Deputy Director of the Institute of Process Engineering attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Dingli Technology was invited to attend the meeting as a project participant.

The project implementation plan demonstration expert group is composed of well-known experts in the fields such as Professor Wang Xuejun of Peking University, researcher He Fayu of China Minmetals Corporation, and Professor Liu Qiang of China Material Recycling Association.

The "Multi-dimensional performance evaluation research and integrated application of solid waste recycling technology" project is based on the types of solid waste and the characteristics of the recycling technology system in my country. It focuses on the technical database, evaluation method, verification platform, etc. of typical solid waste recycling such as industrial solid waste and renewable resources. Research on promotion mechanisms and demonstration applications, design and build modular equipment and platforms, build typical technology promotion mechanisms and service models, and integrate them into typical industries/regions/parks.

Researcher Yang Jianxin, the project leader, and the project leaders respectively reported on the project and the implementation plan of the project. The experts at the meeting listened carefully to the report, fully affirmed the systemicity and operability of the implementation plan of this project, and combined with the characteristics of each topic, suggested that the project should be refined to implement the correlation between the topics, strengthen the value mining of data utilization, and accelerate the industrialization process, etc. Especially for national needs, strengthen communication with professional institutions and relevant management departments, integrate special research results, and provide support for data exchange and results management in the field of solid waste in my country. After full demonstration by experts, they agreed that the research focus of this project and its subordinate subjects is clear, the technical route is reasonable, the organization and management mechanism is perfect, the materials are complete, and the implementation plan is agreed to be passed.

ACME Technology and Beijing University of Technology jointly undertook the project of "Typical Renewable Resource Utilization Technology Comprehensive Verification Platform and Industrialization Performance Forecast". Through this project, the company will combine years of accumulated experience in the field of thermal engineering equipment, focusing on the industrial application performance of typical renewable resources, valuable metal purification, pollutant conversion control and utilization technology, and optimization and updating of the technology database, and build a set of comprehensive verification of typical renewable resources. Platform, complete the comprehensive evaluation of multiple technical cases, realize the promotion of industrialized application after optimization, and contribute to the growth of the national resource recycling industry.

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