ACME je prejel nagrado Hunan Industrial Design Center


Recently, Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice that Dingli Science and Technology "Aerospace Thermal Equipment Industrial Design Center" was awarded the eighth batch of Hunan Provincial Industrial Design Center.

Industrial design integrates and optimizes the function, structure, quality and appearance of industrial products through the application of engineering, aesthetics, economics, etc. It is the key to improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry.

ACME was awarded Hunan Industrial Design Center (1)

Dingli Science and Technology has been deeply engaged in the field of thermal equipment for nearly 20 years. Adhering to the road of independent innovation and green development, it has overcome and mastered many core technologies, such as ultra-high temperature heating of equipment, precise control of multi physical field coupling, etc., through the traction of national major project needs, the organic combination of materials and equipment, and the deep combination of industry, education and research. The super large, ultra-high temperature carbon based and ceramic based composite intelligent thermal equipment developed has broken the monopoly of western countries, It has been widely used in aerospace and other fields.

ACME was awarded Hunan Industrial Design Center (1)

In 2018, the company integrated the innovative design resources of all business divisions and established an enterprise industrial design center. Relying on the company's national postdoctoral research workstation, provincial enterprise technology center, new thermal equipment Hunan Engineering Technology Research Center, green energy-saving thermal equipment and intelligent control technology Hunan Engineering Laboratory and other scientific and technological platforms, the company built a digital design platform, green design platform, and constantly promoted product function upgrading The product appearance is optimized to realize the organic integration of industrial design and product R&D, design and manufacturing. After years of development, the Industrial Design Center has become an important supporting platform for the company's product R&D and design, greatly promoting product quality improvement and innovative development, and has also made a series of scientific and technological achievements. Up to now, Dingli Technology has applied for nearly 400 patents, presided over and participated in drafting nearly 20 national and industrial standards, completed 28 scientific and technological achievements appraisal, and won 19 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, It was awarded the titles of Hunan Provincial Industrial Brand Cultivation Pilot Enterprise, National "Green Factory", National Specialization and Special New Key "Little Giant" Enterprise, etc.

ACME was awarded Hunan Industrial Design Center (2)

The provincial industrial design center awarded this time fully reflects the company's strength in industrial design and independent innovation. In the future, Dingli Science and Technology will take this opportunity to continue to increase investment, adhere to professional, refined, characteristic and innovative development, and build the industrial design center into an important engine and incubator for enterprise scientific and technological innovation and new product development, and a characteristic design center in Hunan's equipment manufacturing and aerospace industry, The industrial design innovation platform leading the development of thermal equipment industry actively empowers the in-depth implementation of the "three high and four new" and "strong provincial capital" strategies.

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