ACME sa zúčastnil na fóre Think Tank Xiangjiang pre neželezné kovy a bol spoluorganizátorom „Výmenného stretnutia o recyklácii a recyklácii odpadových batérií v roku 2023“


On August 18, the 2023 China Nonferrous Metals think Tank Xiangjiang Forum was held in Changsha City, and more than 1,200 experts, scholars and business representatives from the field of nonferrous metals attended the meeting. The conference is hosted by MCC Nonferrous Technology Platform, MCC Nonferrous Technology Network and China Nonferrous Metals Think Tank.

ACME participated in the Non-ferrous Metal think Tank Xiangjiang Forum and co-sponsored the 2023 Waste Power Battery Recycling and recycling Technology Exchange Meeting

With the theme of "Two-carbon Integration · Green Development", the forum aims to give full play to the industry-leading role of non-ferrous metal think tanks, analyze and summarize the academic innovation achievements of the whole industry chain of non-ferrous metals under the goal of "two-carbon", discuss the new development trend of China's non-ferrous metal industry, exchange new ideas for scientific development, and share new progress in technological development,Boosting the achievements of "carbon peak", "carbon neutral" goal of China's non-ferrous metal industry

At the Xiangjiang New Energy Materials Forum, Dr. Dai Yu, chairman of ACME, was invited to give a keynote report on "High-quality Utilization Technology and Equipment for the whole process of waste power battery pretreatment". On the problem of multi-source waste power battery recycling, the report proposed an overall solution for the high-quality utilization of the whole process of waste power battery pretreatment, and shared the key technologies and application plans of the equipment, which received extensive attention and warm response from the experts attending the meeting.

Dr. Dai Yu, Chairman of ACME, delivered a report at Xiangjiang Forum, a think tank for Nonferrous metals in China1

Dr. Dai Yu, Chairman of ACME, delivered a report at Xiangjiang Forum, a think tank for Nonferrous metals in China

On August 19, the "2023 Waste power battery Recycling and recycling Technology Exchange Meeting" co-sponsored by ACME was held in the State Guest Hall of Beichen International Convention Center. The experts and scholars at the meeting delivered wonderful speeches on topics such as short-range recovery of used power batteries, nickel-cobalt-manganese alloying recovery, echelon utilization, extraction technology, priority lithium extraction, positive and negative electrode material repair, electrochemical recovery, charged crushing, and fire smelting, and jointly discussed cutting-edge issues and technical challenges in the field of waste power battery recycling and cyclic utilization .

2023 Waste power battery recycling and recycling technology exchange

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, power battery recycling has also become a research hotspot in the industry. Waste power batteries contain lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese, copper and other valuable metals, is a high-value "urban mine", but also has a large environmental pollution risks. Doing a good job of power battery recycling is the only way for the sustainable development of the new energy automobile industry.

Waste battery pretreatment equipment model

In recent years, ACME has promoted the application of thermal equipment technology to the field of solid waste recycling, breaking through the key common technology of typical metal-organic solid waste continuous pyrolysis, and the intelligent environmental protection thermal equipment developed has been widely used in the recycling field of waste lithium batteries, waste circuit boards, waste enamelled copper wires, and waste tires. The relevant technical achievements have been industrially applied in the leading enterprises in the industry such as Green Beauty, Huayou and Zhongwei. In the future, ACME will continue to deepen the field of power battery recycling technology and equipment, and contribute to the realization of resource recycling and "dual carbon" strategic goals.

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