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  "Your company staff installation and debugging meticulous, due diligence, urgent customer needs, to ensure that our company's products delivered on schedule, reflecting a higher professional quality and dare to fight the dedication." 

At the beginning of the New Year, ACME received a letter of thanks from Shaanxi Changyu Aviation Equipment Co., LTD., as well as a gift of jinqi to Liu Junwu and Deng Chao, after-sales engineers of ACME Advanced Heat Treatment Equipment Business Division, full of recognition and appreciation. 


2023-1-13 Thank you letter from Shaanxi Changyu Aviation Equipment Co., LTD. 1


Shaanxi Changyu Aviation is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of metal forgings. It has long been engaged in parts processing and testing business in aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships and other fields. It has unique advantages in the research and development of processing technology and forming of special alloy materials, and its products meet extreme service conditions such as high temperature, high pressure and high speed. Listed on a variety of models of national instruments. 

2023-1-13 Thank you letter from Shaanxi Changyu Aviation Equipment Co., LTD. 2

This time, Shaanxi Changyu Aviation purchased ACME vertical bottom-charging د ویکیوم اینیلینګ کوره, which is mainly responsible for the heat treatment process of aerospace engine accessories. Due to the tight time, heavy task and no mistake, ACME Advanced thermal treatment Equipment Business Department was in urgent need of the customer and arranged professional personnel to rush to the site for installation and commissioning. With the joint efforts of both parties, Ensure that the trial production of the equipment is completed on December 29, which provides equipment guarantee for the customer to complete the task with high quality within the limited time. 

2023-1-13 Thank you letter from Shaanxi Changyu Aviation Equipment Co., LTD. 3

Heat treatment is a very important process in the manufacturing process of military metal parts, which plays an important role in improving its mechanical properties, service life, safety and reliability. ACME has been deeply engaged in the field of thermal equipment for nearly two decades, and has established innovation platforms such as "National postdoctoral Research Workstation", "Hunan National Defense Key Laboratory", "Hunan Engineering Laboratory", "Hunan New Thermal Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center", etc. In the company, it has established the "Material Process and Thermal Equipment Customer Experience Center" of nearly 5,000 square meters. The company has conquered the key core technologies that have been restricting China's thermal equipment and new materials for a long time, and is a national specialized and special new key "little giant" enterprise and aerospace partner. 

ACME will take this opportunity to develop closer cooperation with Shaanxi Changyu Aviation, to provide all-round technical services with high-quality products, professional team, and work together to contribute to the realization of high level self-reliance in Chinese aerospace science and technology.

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