د ډاکټر دای یو مونوګراف "پرمختللی جامع لوړ حرارت حرارتي تجهیزات" په رسمي ډول خپور شو


Recently, Dr. Dai Yu, chairman of ACME and chairman of Changsha Composite Materials Society, published his monograph Advanced Composite High Temperature Thermal Equipment by Central South University Press.


Ceramic matrix composite materials, carbon/carbon composite materials, metal matrix composite materials and other advanced composite materials with high strength, high stiffness, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, are widely used in aerospace, nuclear industry, national defense military industry, high-speed trains and other fields, is the material basis to ensure the implementation of national major strategies and high-end equipment development. It is the main force driving the development of new materials industry. As the key equipment for the preparation of advanced composite materials and their components, high temperature thermal equipment plays a decisive role in the quality and performance of materials and components.


This monograph introduces the performance characteristics, main uses, main preparation processes of advanced high temperature resistant composites such as ceramic matrix composites, carbon/carbon composites and metal matrix composites, as well as the development trend of advanced composite high temperature thermal equipment. At the same time, the book also introduces in detail the main composition of high temperature thermal equipment - vacuum furnace, design theory and common numerical simulation methods in design. The end of the book takes MS-H2 raw material system to prepare SiC coating by د CVD توسیع process as a concrete example, introduces the chemical principle of CVD process preparation SiC coating and the application of numerical simulation in CVD process equipment and process design, on this basis, carries out the verification of equipment and process, and demonstrates the connotation of process and equipment integration to a certain extent.


Dr. Dai Yu, the author of this monograph, has been engaged in the research and development and production management of advanced composite materials and thermal equipment for a long time, and many related achievements have won provincial and ministerial science and technology achievement awards, and is a well-known expert in the field of thermal equipment. The monograph is a summary of the experience of Dr. Dai Yu and his team engaged in the research and production of advanced composite materials and thermal equipment for many years. Its characteristics are that the key thermal equipment and process of advanced composite materials preparation are closely combined, which makes up for the lack of separation between materials and preparation equipment in the academic and technical circles in the past, and it is a very beneficial exploration and innovation in this respect.


The publication of this monograph provides important theoretical support and practical guidance for the integration of advanced composite materials and their process equipment, and plays an important role in promoting the development of advanced composite materials

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