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On September 22, the 2022 National High end Forum on Carbon based Materials Industry Development jointly held by Hunan New Materials Industry Association, School of Materials Science and Engineering of Hunan University, Changsha Carbon based Materials Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and other units was held in Changsha, Hunan Province. Nearly 200 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from the national carbon based material industry gathered together to discuss the high-quality development of the carbon based material industry.

ACME Equipment Helps High Quality Development of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry (3)

During the conference, 13 well-known experts in the industry made reports on carbon based materials, graphite electrodes, lithium ion battery cathode materials, capacitor carbon, special asphalt and silicon carbide ceramic precursors.

ACME Equipment Helps High Quality Development of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry (1)

Dr. Dai Yu, Chairman of ACME, was invited to deliver a report entitled "Hydrogen Energy and Carbon Materials and Equipment", which introduced in detail the application prospect of hydrogen energy, the application of carbon materials (carbon paper and graphite bipolar plate) in hydrogen fuel cells, and the key technologies and successful application cases of its continuous preparation system.

Continuous low temperature carbonization furnace

Continuous low temperature carbonization furnace

As a clean energy to promote the transformation from traditional fossil energy to green energy, hydrogen energy is regarded as the subversive technological direction of the future energy revolution. Hydrogen fuel cells are the key carriers to realize the conversion of hydrogen energy into electric energy. As the key materials and core components of hydrogen fuel cells, carbon paper and graphite bipolar plates are particularly important for their high-performance preparation technology.

Continuous high temperature carbonization furnace

Continuous high temperature carbonization furnace

ACME has independently developed a series of special thermal equipment such as low/high temperature carbonization and graphitization, which has broken through a number of key technologies such as intelligent transmission, trace oxygen control, furnace anti pollution, efficient heating, intake matching control, intelligent exhaust control, efficient by-product capture and treatment, etc. The equipment has been successfully delivered in Shandong, Anhui, Tianjin, South Korea and other regions.

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