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Founded in 2006, ACME is a medium-sized research-based enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and manufacturing of special materials and special thermal equipment. It is a "national key high-tech enterprise", a state-level new specialized key "little giant" enterprise, and an aerospace and aviation cooperation partner.

The company is A A-share main board listed company (Truchum 002171) holding subsidiary, national industrial investment fund investment enterprise,  a strong comprehensive competitiveness of new materials and intelligent thermal equipment enterprises. 

The thermal equipment developed by the company is widely used in carbon/ceramic matrix composites, semiconductor materials, high-performance ceramics, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum diffusion welding, vacuum hot pressing, powder metallurgy, solid waste thermal solution and other fields.

The parent company, Truchum, is the largest copper strip deep processing high-tech enterprise in China and the second in the world.

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1. Company administrative officer, key technical staff have awarded national, provincial scientific and technological awarding for many times. With 35 domestic and foreign well-known expert consultants, including 5 specialist receiving special allowance of the state council, 3 country secondary professor.

2. We bring many foreign talent form the U.S Connecticut branch of science academy of engineering academician and the original French ECM (China) company CTO Ma weidong.

3. Scientific and technological innovation capacity features multiple discipline coordination (materials and thermal industry heating equipment) and reasonable age structure.

4. We have applied for more than 360 national patents, including 215 invention patents.,Led and participated in completing 19 national, industrial and group standards, won 19 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, completed 25 scientific and technological achievements appraisal (science and technology evaluation), 14 of which were "international advanced".

In the process of production, our company has always focused on environmental protection. Production line is mainly about mechanical processing and assembly.

All the products sold out enjoy one year warranty.

1. Technicians from our company will be dispatched to the installation site to give instruction in the installation and commissioning work.

2. We design and manufacture suitable products in terms of buyer’s needs.

3. During the installation and commissioning, the buyer’s operators will be trained in respect of operation, trouble-shooting and maintenance by the technicians.


The company have earned Chinese patents more than 180, covering over 60 invention patents. 5 national standards to be drafted. 16 scientific research achievements identification (1 international leading achievement, 9 international advanced achievements).

ACME Xingsha industripark, East Liangtang Rd. , Changsha City, Hunan
+ 86-151 7315 3690( Jessie Mobile)
+ 86 151 1643 6885
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Grunnlagt i 1999, ACME (Advanced Corporation for Materials & Equipments) ligger i Xingsha Industrial Park, med et areal på 100,000 2 mXNUMX. ACME er en høyteknologisk bedrift spesialisert på produksjon av industrivarmeutstyr for nytt materiale og energi.Personvernerklæring | Vilkår og betingelser

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