ACME - 2019 ұнтақ металлургия көрмесі (PM CHINA 2019)



The 12th Shanghai International Exhibition for Advanced Ceramics, Powder Metallurgy and Cemented Carbides was successfully held at Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center from March 25th to 27th! After more than ten years, PM CHINA has become one of the most influential professional exhibitions in the global Powder Metallurgy industry. Promoting technological innovation and transformation within the PM industry, it is the  preferred business platform for both Chinese and overseas enterprises to strengthen their cooperation, to enhance their global presence and to expand their market.


At this grand industry event, ACME, based on technology innovation and unique services, provides customers with the most economical and effective solution for heat treatment of powder metallurgical products. A series of advanced equipment such as агломерациялық пеш, 18-tube reduction furnace, hard alloy special equipment and solutions in the powder metallurgy industry have become the highlights of this exhibition. This shows ACME, relying on its leading technology to achieve industry innovation and excellence in improving quality and efficiency, attracting many customers to come to discuss.

上海粉末冶金展会 (4)

During the exhibition, many customers came and consulted the products, and expressed their intention to visit the factory and negotiate further.

ACME would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth this time. It was great to see current customers and business associates and to meet one ones as well. We look forward to returning in 2020.

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