【International ndú】 Achọpụtala mmezu sayensị na teknụzụ atọ nke ACME.


N'oge na-adịbeghị anya, mmezu ACME atọ gafere nke ọma nyocha nke sayensị na teknụzụ, nke abụọ n'ime ha na-eduga na mba ụwa na otu na-aga n'ihu na mba ụwa.

ACME Results Technology Evaluation Meeting

一、aerospace high-size parts with large vertical bottom loading vacuum quenching equipment

 The project overcame technical problems such as temperature uniformity control in large working area, multi-stage external circulation rapid cooling, long path accurate transmission and sealing, broke the foreign monopoly on ultra-high (≥3M) vacuum high-pressure gas quenching furnace, and realized the localization of large vertical real air quenching furnace. Help aviation, aerospace, nuclear industry and other fields of long barrel thin-wall parts, tubular parts, slender rod parts vacuum heat treatment processing. After the review of the expert group led by Academician Luo An organized by Hunan Technical Property Exchange, it was agreed that the results solved the technical problems such as gas quenching temperature uniformity, cooling uniformity and quenching distortion control of aerospace ultra-high size parts, and the overall technology reached the international advanced level.

ACME Results Technology Evaluation Meeting 4

二、Key technologies and applications of ultra-high temperature heat treatment equipment for large-size aerospace carbon-based composite materials

  The project solves the technical problems of traditional high temperature heat treatment equipment such as large size, ultra-high temperature, precision control, long-term stable operation, etc. The developed large-size aerospace carbon matrix composite ultra-high temperature heat treatment equipment has been successfully applied to the ultra-high temperature treatment of carbon matrix composite materials in China's aerospace field. 

The expert group headed by Academician Luo An carefully reviewed the relevant technical data, and conducted rigorous questioning and discussion, and highly affirmed the technical, innovative and applied nature of the project results, and unanimously agreed that the results are highly innovative and the overall technology has reached the international leading level.

ACME Results Technology Evaluation Meeting (7)

三、Additive manufacturing technology and application of high-temperature alloy hot end components of aero engine/gas turbine

 The high-temperature alloy hot end components of the aero engine/gas turbine developed in this project adopt metal additive manufacturing technology, breaking through the technical difficulties of plasma rotating atomization high-temperature alloy ntụ ntụ preparation, forming accuracy, internal defects and deformation control in the additive manufacturing process, follow-up heat treatment organization and performance control, and developing the integrated technology of the whole process of special powder - additive manufacturing - heat treatment. It achieves high precision and rapid overall manufacturing of complex hot end components, greatly shortening the manufacturing cycle and cost, and realizes the application of metal additive manufacturing technology in the hot end components of aircraft engines and gas turbines for the first time.

 The expert group review organized by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association with Professor Jia Mingxing as the leader agreed that the achievement of high technical innovation, difficulty and complexity, to promote the overall level of additive manufacturing technology in China and enhance China's competitiveness in high-end fields such as aerospace and aviation are of great significance, and the overall technology has reached the international leading level.

ACME Results Technology Evaluation Meeting 5

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