Onye isi oche Dai Yu duuru otu ìgwè gaa na mahadum Russia na ụlọ ọrụ nyocha


N'ọgwụgwụ Septemba, Dr. Dai Yu, Onye isi oche ACME, duuru ndị otu ahụ gaa na Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Russian Academy of Engineering na Russian Mendeleev University of Chemical Engineering. Nleta a bụ iji mee ka mmekọrịta dị n'etiti China na Russia sikwuo ike na sayensị na nkà na ụzụ, mmeghe talent na mpaghara ndị ọzọ, na ịkwalite mmepụta sayensị na nkà na ụzụ na mgbanwe ndị ọrụ.

Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

On September 20, Chairman Dai Yu and his delegation visited the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and Vice President Brak P.I. Dr. Ivan Love, Academician A.D. and Director of the Scientific and Technological Research Coordination Center, Zvoregana T.I. The academicians exchanged ideas. The two sides discussed innovative cooperation in new materials, intelligent equipment and other fields. Chairman Dai Yu invited academician experts from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences to come to Hunan for cooperation, establish an innovation center, and jointly promote scientific and technological innovation and economic development.

The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences is one of the three highest cross-industry academic authorities in Russia, and its members are scientists who have made great achievements in the fields of natural sciences and humanities, and have important academic influence.

戴煜董事长率队访问俄罗斯高校及科研院所 (1)

戴煜董事长率队访问俄罗斯高校及科研院所 (2)

Russian Academy nke injinịa 

On September 21, Chairman Dai Yu and his delegation visited the Russian Academy of Engineering, Vice President Leonid A.I. We welcome the visit of the ACME delegation. He said that the Russian Academy of Engineering has gathered the world's famous scientists, engineers and scientific and technological talents, especially in the fields of materials, science and technology, aerospace, nuclear energy and other extraordinary strength and influence. He highly appreciated Dr. Dai Yu's achievements in the field of materials science and hoped that he could make more contributions to the innovative development of materials in the future.


戴煜董事长率队访问俄罗斯高校及科研院所 (6)

Russia Mendeleev University of Chemical Engineering 

On September 21, Chairman Dai Yu and his delegation visited Mendeleev University of Chemical Engineering in Russia, where they met with Vice President Gloglover F.A., Director of the Science and Technology Planning Department Safarover R.R., and Director of the Department of Oil and Gas Chemistry and Polymer Materials Sirokin I.S. Exchanges and negotiations were carried out.

At the meeting, Vice President Gloglover F.A. expressed sincere congratulations on the rapid development and technical achievements of ACME in recent years, and introduced in detail the founding history and basic situation of Mendeleev University of Chemical Engineering in Russia. Russia Mendeleev University of Chemical Engineering, founded in 1920, is a famous chemical college in Russia, committed to training senior professionals in the field of chemistry and chemical engineering, and is also an important center of chemical and chemical research in Russia. He hopes to cooperate with ACME in the research and development of new materials.

Chairman Dai Yu said that ACME attaches great importance to cooperation with colleges and universities, and was named "2022 China's industry-university-research cooperation Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", hoping to make full use of the human resources and hardware resources of both sides, carry out in-depth cooperation, jointly train more excellent scientific research talents with innovative ability, and jointly achieve more fruitful scientific research results.

戴煜董事长率队访问俄罗斯高校及科研院所 (5) 

Dr. Dai Yu, Chairman of ACME, was elected as a foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in June 2022. Subsequently, in June 2023, he was elected a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Engineering. This marks that his outstanding achievements in the field of materials science and thermal equipment have been highly recognized by the Russian academic community.

During the exchange in Russia, many parties jointly discussed the future cooperation opportunities and development direction, which will further promote the in-depth cooperation between ACME and Russian universities and scientific research institutes in the field of new materials and thermal equipment, and boost the innovation and development in the field of materials science.

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