ACME Science and Technology Association held a technical seminar on new aluminum matrix composite materials with high strength, high conductivity and high temperature resistance


On January 24th, the first technical seminar of ACME Science and Technology Association in 2021 was held at the Muyun Base. The theme of this seminar was a high-strength, high-conductivity, high-temperature-resistant new aluminum alloy and its product research and development technology seminar.

顶立科协举办高强、高导、耐高温新型铝基复合材料技术研讨会 (1)

Dr. Tan Xinglong from the Technology Center gave a detailed report on the progress of the project, the difficulties encountered in the R&D process and the current phased achievements of the R&D team.

At the seminar, everyone conducted a lively and in-depth discussion and analysis on the difficulties encountered in the project development process, providing valuable and feasible suggestions and methods for the follow-up progress of the project.

顶立科协举办高强、高导、耐高温新型铝基复合材料技术研讨会 (2)

Dr. Dai Yu, Chairman of ACME Science and Technology Association, emphasized the importance of holding internal technical exchange seminars at the meeting. By sharing experience, showing results, and communicating and discussing, it not only provided an important learning platform, but also opened up ideas and found more Multiple problem-solving methods play an important role in accelerating the development of projects and effectively activating the vitality of scientific and technological innovation.

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