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Provide industrial heating equipment,C&SiC composite industrial heating equipment, vacuum heat treatment equipment, powder metallurgy industrial heating equipment,

cemented carbide equipment, Ceramic Sintering Equipment, 3D printing powder


ACME sets up a Customer Experience Center for customers to choose the suitable equipment and ensure that the equipment performance can meet the demand of production process requires.
Basic Functions: A R&D center for new equipment A;Pilotscale experiment platform for customer A; Teaching practice and training base.
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ACME provides custom furnace design service, though we have standard specifications. Our custom furnace systems can reach extremely high heating temperature, and create high-quality finished products. Our highly experienced engineers can design the furnace in the way you want – as big as you need.The furnace can operate at your desired temperature, and produce the large quantity and high quality products. Whether you are more concerned with costs or capabilities, our custimized furnace will meet those needs. Our furnaces are designed to do our best to meet your application, budget and schedule requirements.
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All the products sold out can enjoy one year warranty. All ACME customers have access to aftermarket replacement parts, spare parts, repair and maintenance services to keep their furnaces up and running. ACME owns maintenance records and part lists for every furnace we have ever built, so just a phone call or an email, you will get the help from us.
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Founded in 1999, ACME (Advanced Corporation for Materials & Equipments) is located in Xingsha Industrial Park, with an area of 100,000 m2. ACME estas altteknologia entrepreno specialigita en fabrikado de industriaj hejtado ekipaĵoj por nova materialo kaj energio. Surbaze de teknologia novigo kaj profesia servo, ACME provizas altnivelan industrian hejtadekipaĵon por klientoj en diversaj kampoj, kiel ekzemple C&SiC-komponaĵoj industriaj hejtaj ekipaĵoj, vakua varmotraktado-ekipaĵo, pulvormetalurgia industria hejtado-ekipaĵo, cementitaj karburaj ekipaĵoj, PM-ekipaĵo bazita en Fe&Cu, 3D presaj pulvoroj, kun pli ol 300 milionoj CNY ĉiujara spezo.

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ACME Xingsha Industria Parko, Orienta Liangtang Rd. , Urbo Ĉangŝa, Hunano
+ 86-151 7315 3690( Jessie Mobile)
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Fondita en 1999, ACME (Altnivela Korporacio por Materialoj kaj Ekipaĵoj) situas en Xingsha Industria Parko, kun areo de 100,000 2 mXNUMX. ACME estas altteknologia entrepreno specialigita en fabrikado de industriaj hejtado ekipaĵoj por nova materialo kaj energio. Regularo | Terminoj kaj Kondiĉoj

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