ACME spojí ruce se Shugengezhi, aby vytvořili benchmarkový projekt „Blockchain + průmyslový internet“


On October 31st, ACME held the "Blockchain + Industrial Internet" benchmarking project kick-off meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yang Jiangao, the company's deputy general manager. Deputy Director Yan Jinbin, General Manager of Shugengezhi Wang Jinxia, Chairman of VRCHOL Dai Yu and members of the project team attended the meeting.

ACME joins hands with Shugengezhi to create a benchmark project of Blockchain + Industrial Internet (1)

Under the empowerment of Shugengezhi's digital transformation, VRCHOL will comprehensively straighten out business processes from multiple dimensions such as R&D, manufacturing, logistics, quality, marketing, and service. Through the "blockchain application + supply chain collaboration platform" " and "blockchain + digital factory" two major sections, a total of two phases of construction, the first phase of the project will be completed in May next year, the second phase of the project is expected to be completed in August next year. After the project is implemented, it will help the company to build an intelligent factory integrating intelligent design, intelligent production, intelligent decision-making and intelligent operation, help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, improve management level, and realize digital and intelligent transformation.

ACME joins hands with Shugengezhi to create a benchmark project of Blockchain + Industrial Internet (3)

Dr. Dai Yu, chairman of VRCHOL, said that after years of development, the company's scale, product series, business areas, and organizational structure have undergone major changes, and the existing information system can no longer meet the development needs. According to the company's strategy, with the support of Changsha Economic Development Zone and Xingsha Industrial Base, and based on the Shugengezhi basic platform, six major systems of R&D management and control, planning and scheduling, workshop management and control, warehousing and logistics, quality management, and marketing services have been constructed. The overall upgrade is delivered, and the "blockchain + industrial Internet" two-wheel drive realizes the digital and intelligent transformation of VRCHOL. The digitalization of enterprises is not only the only way for traditional manufacturing enterprises to transform and upgrade, but also a powerful tool for enterprises. This in-depth cooperation with Shugengezhi will help enterprises transform from high-end manufacturing to high-end "smart" manufacturing through the deep empowerment of the industrial Internet.

Huang Shiwei, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xingsha Industrial Base of Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, said that Shugengezhi, as the headquarter of Shugen Interconnection National Blockchain Platform, has strong technical force. 'The demonstration project will inject new vitality into the material industry chain and set a benchmark for the park to take the lead in building a national leading blockchain digital economy industry development pilot zone.

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