ACME участва в Националната изложба за постижения в областта на науката и технологичните иновации „Тринадесети петгодишен план“


From October 21st to 27th, 2021, the National "Thirteenth Five-Year" Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition will be held in the Beijing Exhibition Center. The theme of this exhibition is "Innovation-driven Development Towards a Powerful Country in Science and Technology", and it focuses on the implementation of the major decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee on scientific and technological work since the "13th Five-Year Plan", and the in-depth implementation of innovative development strategies and construction of a new type of country. results.

National Thirteenth Five-Year Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition (3)

"High-efficiency pyrolysis and high-value utilization technology and equipment of organic-coated copper-based waste materials", "Waste Line Continuous Anaerobic Pyrolysis Recycling Technology and Equipment for Plate" was listed as a key display project in the field of solid waste recycling in the National "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition "Beautiful China". At the same time, the relevant achievements were selected into the "Catalogue of Major Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Encouraged by the State (2020 Edition)" jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Ecology The National Catalogue of Advanced and Applicable Technology and Equipment for Comprehensive Utilization of Industrial Resources (2021 Edition) jointly issued by the Ministry of Environment.

National Thirteenth Five-Year Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition (5)

My country is currently the world's largest producer and consumer of electronic products, and it is also the distribution center for 70% of the world's electronic waste. Electronic products usually contain a variety of high-value components and strategic resources such as copper and gold. Improper disposal may not only lead to private information Leaks can also easily cause environmental hazards. In view of its multiple characteristics of information security, resource value and environmental risk, the Ministry of Science and Technology has deployed several key projects to support it through the "solid waste recycling" key project.

ACME, Beijing University of Technology, Chujiang New Materials and other units jointly carried out technical research and engineering demonstrations, focusing on breakthroughs in continuous high-efficiency negative pressure anaerobic pyrolysis and mass conversion technology, pyrolysis product full utilization technology and modular intelligent central control system design and other key technologies, developed a complete set of equipment for continuous high-efficiency pyrolysis and flue gas cleaning treatment of waste enameled wires and circuit boards. The recovery rates of copper and precious metals reached 99.5% and 95% respectively, and the dioxin emission was better than the EU standard. It is of great significance to solve the problem of environmental protection of waste, to promote the recycling of strategic metals, and to achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

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